You give me fever

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I have been awfully ill lately. I guess all those full week of sleeping 2hrs/day + working is paying off. I have been very bad and hard headed. Living alone has given me all the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and part of that is not eating on time, and staying up as late as I want. Sure they save me from doing horrible in school, and helped me pay the rent but damn being sick sucks.

One thing I can’t stand is when my migraine kicks in, because when it does, I wont get anything accomplished for sure. I would just end up lying on bed trying to get myself to sleep. I remember missing school because of waking up with a pulsing migraine and I know for sure I won’t be able to focus in class anyways so there would be no point.

I worked my butt off the last 2 weeks of school to complete all my projects and assignments. Sure there was a whole chunk. I would end up staying at school till 2am in the morning (and one time till 6am). It was horrible but I felt like that was only way to get them completed. I am, admittedly, a big procrastinator.. I hate the fact that idea usually comes so late to me. I would come up with something so amazing, and work on it the whole time — then the night before I need it completed, I would come up with a total different idea, which I will cram to finish. The good thing is, I learned my lesson, and I will try not to end up with the same pattern for my next school term.

I just find it unfortunate that having this holiday is the only break for me from school/work, + my only time to be with my family, and free time to work on my portfolio (and perhaps do some industry networking) BUT instead, I am at my parents’ in my sister’s sweater and dad’s pajama, coughing my lungs out. Remember the saying I always go by from Coco Chanel —“You’ll never know when you’re going to get date with destiny” but I don’t think staying at my parents’ is the best place for destiny to give me a date.

My apologies to all my Lookbook/Blog followers. Some of you have emailed me already, wondering why I am not able to keep up with my lookbook account. I will be posting new look as soon as I get better. I still love you all.

PS. I desperately need a haircut. I called in today to book an appointment for tomorrow but my hair stylist wont be back ’till Monday.

4 thoughts on “You give me fever

  1. Get Better Soon!

    P.S. I see that sweater being apart of your next look. Idk why.

  2. @Deantè Jamal, ahaha thats hillarious, but hey! thats a good idea right there, mybe I’ll take it as a challenge and do a look with this sweater…apart from it’s strange silhouette, it’s got nice color blocking.

    thanks. I sure do hope I get better soon!

  3. I really hope you feel better. It is a shame that people are emailing you. Bloggers do have lives, and DO get sick.

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