Where I’ve been.

- Stories

I’ve been lost, and then found.
I’ve been hurt, and then recovered.
I’ve been wounded, and now I’m healed.
I’m better, I’m fine.

It’s been a crazy summer for me, possibly the most dramatic and filling summer I’ve had so far. I’ve met a lot of new people, reunited with the good-old-ones and shared laughter, emotional ups and downs, and all sort of stories and randomness.

I’ve learn many new things and experienced life the way I’ve never seen it before. Sure it was a challenge but life is always a challenge.

I have also decided to move out and find a place to be alone and away from my family. I know it’s been long overdue but I’ve never really had much time and courage to finally do so. It’s only so recent that I’ve finally had that kick in the back to really go on and start living life as an adult.

I know I’ve been careless, irresponsible and carefree, and I’m hoping that’s all about to change when I have to live on my own without any support from my family, particularly from my parents. I know I can do it, and I believe I can push through. I know there will be obstacles along the way — which made this decision harder for me — but with responsibility comes privileges. I know I will learn a lot from this experience, and it will help me grow into a better and much stronger person.