Welcome back Summer

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I’m finally back posting looks on Lookbook.nu I’ve had a chaotic few weeks lately and if you’ve been following my blog, you would probably know why.

This is my take on casually dressy. Simple pieces, light and easy to put together, and it’s very easy to pull off (not the usual crazy M’c kenneth styling) Try it out! Here are the key pieces for this look

*Light Blazer (it could be powder blue as well, or slightly lighter tan)
*Graphic Tshirt
*Dark Denim Trousers (cuffeed or rolled to show ankle)
*Sneakers (I wore Chuck Taylor for this look, sorry you can’t see)

Vancouver has been giving us really nice weather lately and it’s been very inspiring so far, let’s just hope it continues so I can start rolling out all my crazy summer outfit ideas.

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