Wearing my Face

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Another look wearing my very own M’c kenneth t-shirt, which I am very proud of since more and more people seem to like to acquire it.
The trouser was a baggy kid’s pants but I slimmed down the bottom to create a much more interesting silhouette. Very clean and simple color story, hope you guys like it.

M’c kenneth t-shirt – hand painted, hand beaded by myself, white rubber belt from tie ups (please check them out), self-altered trouser, vintage
leather portfolio, wayfarer from Ray Ban and nude oxford from Zara.

5 thoughts on “Wearing my Face

  1. Hey! I love your style! What kind of paint did you use? paint to paint houses, paintings…? 🙂

  2. @SVERRE, it was a fabric paint I got at the local art shop called “OPUS”
    I’m pretty sure any fabric paint will do. thanks.

  3. Hi!

    Looks like we have something in common. We are both in Nokia and Elle’s Search for the Next Style Correspondent ! I noticed you are from Vancouver and decided to check out your blog. It is really cool 🙂 I live in Whistler! Good luck, I definitely think you will make it into round 3 .

    Nina x


  4. You are my inspiration for my collaboration with a boutique.

    I am using this one as a muse and the Fake Chanel bag. Love it !!

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