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Contrary to a lot of you might assume, I am not a shopaholic and I don’t really plan my shopping trips. My shopping days usually happen spontaneously. Like the other day, I was just passing by Granville Street and I had time to kill. I pop by one of the best vintage boutique in Vancouver, USED and sure enough I managed to dig through their pile and find some of these hidden gems.

vintage rounded frames
I love how it has that classic ‘inventor’ chicness to it, at the same time, it can be very funky and raw.

Next one is this shoulder bucket bag
I love that old leather texture and the gold hardware that is incorporated into it. I also like that it is very neutral and can easily be incorporated into my wardrobe.

Geometric and Rainbow silk scarf
I’ve always love when my grandmother would wrap these big silk scarfs around her neck, sometimes over her head. I think it’s one of the most timeless pieces you can own. I can see me wearing this with the most plain outfit, yet this scarf will give it that kick and elegance at the same time.

So there goes my latest shopping expedition, I spent about $56 CDN for all of them. I’d love to know your latest shopping trip, let me know bout it on the comment box below.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Fix

  1. I just feel like vintage shopping is always so hit or miss.. Yours was a success I must say!! Love the pieces you bought 🙂

  2. @Clark, oh ye. it’s all about patient and creativity too. I’ve always been pretty lucky with vintage/thrift store finds.

    Thanks for the comment Clark

  3. Great finds! I love that store as well. Those sunglasses are amazing, I love the glint of gold you captured there.

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