Vintage Camera & War

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A good friend, Stephan Rosger, has this super cool 16mm vintage camera, so this look is basically inspired by it. He let me barrow it for this shoot; check him out.!/rosger

Aviator hat, destroyed tshirt,military-cargo-shorts and combat boots, and an odd mix of that Beige Trench just for a kick to break the ‘military’ cliche.

I haven’t really worn this out yet, but waiting for the perfect moment to do so.  I hope you guys find it inspiring.  Notice how the grouping works.

Hat, the boots and belt, t-shirt and the military-cargo-shorts, trench and the gold watch; each group has a different level in terms of theme, but all came together.  You ask how? The color-scheme is minimal, AGAIN the guideline I always go by (which I have developed over the years); Use neutral color as foreground, then you can play around with color — add more color, AND THEN add another neutralizer to BALANCE the look.  It always worked for me.

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