Vintage Blazer

- LookBook

I received this blazer from Beta por Homme (thank you Beate) as a gift not too long ago. I adore this blazer a lot and I love all the tiny bits of details it has: the fabric, the colors, texture, the buttons, the pipping and also the leather elbow patch. Unfortunately, it’s a vintage piece and it is massive on me as a blazer. The arm hole is also huge so even after alteration, it will still look off and ill fitting on me.

Like what I have done in the past when wearing my dad’s blazers and jackets, I have worn this like how one would wear a cape. I also got to wear this bow tie I got from Front&Company about two years ago during my bow tie days.

Bowtie from Front&Company, Shirt from Zara Man, mustard jeans from Zara kids, vintage blazer from Beta por Homme