Two faced. hand-painted & beaded Ts.

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I hand-painted and beaded plain white Tshirt a la “Lanvin Bette Davis Eyes”

I beaded my right eye, Slip on shoes from Ingledews (very worn out), Skinny jeans from H&M kids, self-made Ts (The Tshirt was originally from American Apparel, Fedora hat from Modern Amusement.

the original photo on the shirt

I was so inspired by the Lanvin's Bette Davis Tshirt but I can't really afford a 600 euro tshirt.... so I thought I'd give it a shot...

everything was done by hand. my left eye was beaded. although it took a very long time, in the end it was all worth it =)

few people from work love the shirt and ask me to make one for them as well...

*actually I lied, this isn't the exact the same thing I was wearing today... I wore it in a VANCOUVER-wearable way.

3 thoughts on “Two faced. hand-painted & beaded Ts.

  1. Ooh boy, I’m Annabel, just passer by in lookbook.
    I was so fascinated by your creative/original art-work.
    It is really an art piece. I really love it.
    I really wish I have something like this too. Really very nice((((:
    You’ve the talent to do this, serious speaking !!
    Well done boy(:

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Hey I just mentioned about your project in the Lanvin DIY thread at tFs. Do you mind if I steal your pics? LOL. I credited you by the way 🙂

    One question: how do you stack those beads so nicely on top of each other? Do you use a glue gun or just sew them?

    I think sewing is a little bit tricky and need more skill, but they stay on the fabric longer obvi…

    I’m thinking to do my own beaded trompe l’oeil tee, but using those kinds of beads that you have.

  3. wow, you are just amazing. i am in awe at how creative you are. this shirt that you made and all the other diy’s are just perfect. thanks for sharing them.:)

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