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Here are some of the things I often take with me on the plane when flying.

Apt. 5 Leather Backpack, Vintage Leather baseball hat, Lunqs + Qidney scarf, iPhone and iPad, Passport, Sunglasses, M0851 bi-fold cardholder, Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm, business cards, Nixon Watch, Pilot Pure Liquid ink pen, Aveda Blue Oil, Nike runners, key2luxury and last but not the list, don’t forget to exchange some of your dollars to Chinese Yuan.








Another great addition if you were to ever visit Shanghai (or China in general) would be a pack of tissue and hand sanitizer. On our way to our hotel, we were briefed and advised to always have them handy because the washroom situation could be a little tricky at times.

Obviously, my essentials change depending on the destination as well the weather, but I always make sure I have a hat, scarf
and a pair of sunglasses. Aside from its sartorial purpose, I also try to wear a watch just in case my phone/ipad dies.

3 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. I’d add basic toiletries (tooth-brush etc.) and at least a spare shirt. Baggage doesn’t get lost as much as it used to but it does still happen and a couple of small added carry-on items can make waiting for your bags to catch-up a lot more comfortable.

  2. Your leather cap and the sunnies look awesome! Btw, love your business cards and the little case haha 😉

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