The Sartorialist in Vancouver

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With over 14 Million pageviews per month, countless advertising deals with major fashion brands and two published books under his belt, there’s no stopping for the man who continues to capture the everyday romance of streetstyle around the world. From the outskirts of Pennsylvania, to the concrete jungle of New York, Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo, Scott Schuman never fails to capture the beauty and diversity of style today.

His first book (The Sartorialist) is a big success. I own a copy myself and from time to time, I find myself carefully flipping through its pages again and again. After few years, it’s still a great source of fashion inspiration.

His second book, The Sartorialist Closer recently came out and as expected, it’s well received by his million fans — myself included. The Sartorialist Closer featured more portraits, tighter compositions and closer detail shots — a more intimate interactions. But few things remain the same — the quality and the heart of every photo is evident and unquestionable. What I like about his photographs the most is the soul behind each one of them. Every frame has story, even the slightest emotion is amplified through his images.

Last Tuesday, December 4th — Secret Location hosted a book signing event with a much-anticipated visit from the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. Fans lined up despite the rainy Vancouver weather in exchange to a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet (and perhaps chat) with the man who has taken the fashion blogging by storm.

Vancouver sure did bring their A game. Everyone looked sartorialist snap-ready on their own rights — even Scott admittedly looks forward to coming back to shoot Vancouver street style. I was among the crowd, sipping champagne and enjoying the presence of the man who’s work have become an inspiration not only to myself, but also to millions of fans around the world.

Jacky Le of Retailpond / My boyfriend, Zach, Robyn (The Rain Season) and Jorge

Alexandra of ToVogueOrBust and Sunny of PartlySunny

The Sartorialist / Stylist Deanna Palkowski, TV Host Mana Monsour, Joshua Langston of TheSocialLife and Chritie Lohr of StyleNineToFive

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