The cat and the Liar – My Halloween Tale

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I know Halloween is so last week but I thought I’d post this anyways. Amaly and I agreed to dress up at work and it was such a fun day. What a fancy fab cat she was, and of course, you’re truly was a little liar.

Thank God it wasn’t super cold that day, or I certainly would’ve had a frozen legs. I was very afraid I’d be very cold to the point where I can’t even (Cat)walk anymore (I know right, my biggest concern. HA!)

Well you all know how I put this look/costume together from my previous post. It was actually my very first time dressing up for Halloween ever. I always just say I dress up everyday anyways, besides I can’t be bothered to go out and buy pieces for a costume, so I usually just wear my craziest, most avant gard outfit on Halloween, that way it’s easier to get away with wearing them out in public. This year however, I made the effort to actually be a Disney character.

I also went out after work on a Halloween night, strolling around downtown and checking out other trick-or-treaters. I was very happy a lot of people recognized me as Pinocchio (with the absence of my long nose, which sat in my backpack the whole entire time). My favorite was getting stopped by a bunch of Asian Exchange/English Students. They were very cute and polite with a very high pitched voice — and they nod a lot just to say thank you.

On the other hand, there were few dirty old men out there (3 to be exact) scattered from Gastown to Granville Street. I wished I was warned, but then again I was a ‘little’ boy in short shorts (eeeukkk!)

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