The belt that made the outfit.

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Men don’t often pay much attention to belts and what they can do as an accessory. Although they are usually considered as an essential piece of menswear, not a lot of men are experimenting with it (in the right way).

Belts, like another piece of clothing — is also classified as casual, semi-casual, semi-dressy, dressy, and a statement piece. So when putting a look together, belts are NOT just there to hold up your trousers/pants/jeans, they are also there to contribute to the overall look and feel of the outfit.

Ribbon belts are in the “casual to semi-dressy’ category, and they are best worn with khakis and jeans (jeans are usually casual to semi-dressy and khakis are usually on the semi-casual and semi-dressy category THEREFORE you have a match). I don’t usually recommend dress trousers with ribbon belts but I have done it before, and it worked out well — I think the key is the “balance.”

In this look, you see that all the elements are kept plain and simple… you see a little detailing and interesting stitching on the (drop-crotched) pants but done in a very settle and quiet way. With the plain white long-sleeved shirt and the nude oxford shoes, you’ve created an (almost) blank canvas, now you have the freedom to play around with accessories and so I brought in this sale ribbon belts I got for $11.99

They are perfect to make a statement and to add detail and depth to an outfit.

Let me know what you think.. and if you have comments or concern or any question, or if you want me to make another long article about something you want to know about menswear — write it down on the comment below.

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  1. Nice. I really like the simple yet artistic statement.

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