Tall Coffee in a Grande Cup

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WARNING: I’m going to sound like a little girl here hitting puberty having her first crush. lol. in any case you can’t take the cheesyness anymore, you are more than free to exit this page.

So there’s this something that’s been bugging me lately, I mean I tend to hold back myself from posting too personal things on my blog but hell, it’s my blog and it is intended to be a dumpsite for all my jiggymahooolaa anyways.

Again, I might be a total jerk for saying this or for even thinking of it, but I think the guy who makes my coffee, at the Starbucks I always go to, likes me. See, I don’t even know if he’s gay — [rolleyed smiley] but he’s just so different around me.

He remembers me from last year from the old Starbucks location he used to work at, which I happened to visit a lot at that time. Every morning when I pick up my coffee, he would always insist a small conversation (which I happen to enjoy btw, much so if I didn’t need to run and hurry up so I don’t get crap from work). The conversations usually start off nicely, and then he would ask question or say things that I don’t get, or he would screw up his lines (or I’d screw up mine), needless to say — i think he’s cute.

Recently, he said he saw my blog [shocked smiley]. OH MY GOD! I nearly died, the whole time I was thinking — so he saw all my lookbook photos, crazy couture poses, all the outfits??!!! OH NO — I was very embarrassed. He said it was fine, and he said my blog looked awesome (of course they all say that) but when I asked him how did he find out about my blog, he said he found it randomly. Up to now I’m still not quite sure how random things have been, and how many billions, if not trillions of website are there, and he miraculously landed on my blog — I didn’t bother drilling him with another question because I was running late for work anyways, but that left me wondering.

9 thoughts on “Tall Coffee in a Grande Cup

  1. aww hun!! never say never right!! keep at it!! it could lead to something great. or better yet, take matters into your own hands and test out the waters. xoxo

  2. Am I going to be the only one who’s not happy about this whole thing? If that fellow reads this open confession entry and decides to become his boyfriend, then the rest of us can rest assured that McKenneth will no longer be updating his blog. How are we to compete with Starbuck hotties? Please think of us. Don’t date. Stay single so you’ll have plenty of time to devote to this blog.

  3. ^^^Haha wow shallow much?
    anyways thats sooooooo cute, but won’t he read his? And if he does and he doesn’t like you that way wouldn’t this be uber awkward? Just sayin’.

  4. @Shanil, I’ve thought of that, I don’t think he would be rude about it tho, and it’s awkward already as is right now =D

  5. @long, ahahaha. i love this blog like my little baby so I’ll def still have time… no worries.

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