uh oh.

- Style

oh dear, another Zara employee is leaving. this time it’s Stephanie, you know it’s really sad when you get to be so close and attached to someone, and suddenly they have to go, I mean she said she’s coming back — it’s just that Zara wouldn’t approve her trip back to china, so she has to quit — eventually Jonas (my manager) will rehire her as soon as she gets back.

we went home together on her last shift working with me. We would always do random TimHorton/Mcdonalds trip on our way home — so today we grabbed a drink at TimH, I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t get anything.

We took a few random shots, I just found out she loves taking picture too.. like i do.

here’s few more pic we have taken way back in December during our Christmas party.

*and it’s funny how I’m wearing the same scarf