Spring Fever.

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I put this look together few weeks back and I just never had much time to blog about it.  I thought the colors are amazing; the gradient scarf, the bright pink top, and skinny maroon belt, paired up with a linen blazer and a light beige trouser.

although I don’t remember the exact date now, I knew it was a sunny and windy day when I was strutting this outfit.  I remember being awakened by a strong ray of sunlight, beaming into my window, and I immediately thought, BRIGHT COLORS and a HAPPY day.

I got these gradient scarf from Zara Man, the pink top on sale for $9 — it is a little too big but you know when its on sale, why not, besides I like the oversize drape on me.  The belt was purchased from a vintage shop for $2 (I have a feeling it’s from a dress or something) the trousers and the linen blazer are from Zara kids, and the shoes is from an online boutique called Yoox.com

This look was actually featured on Lookbook’s tumblr blog — http://lookbookdotnu.tumblr.com/post/508563356/spring-is-here#notes

I also entered it to win the latest Lookbook 21Men contest, but then later I found out it’s only open for US residence, very disappointing specially that it’s in the top 50 throughout the whole contest.

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  1. @Cass,

    ..is VERY redundant

    (it was only featured twice, I don’t think that’s VERY redundant) 😀 and in those 2 looks, they were used to produce 2 totally different looks, I guess my point here is VERSATILITY, you can use the same pieces and create a whole new/or slightly different look… saves you money, and it shows your creativity.

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