Spider web

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I wore this to the Blance MacDonald Annual Fashion Grad show. This knit sweater was purchased for $9 on sale, then I deconstructed it ala “Rodarte Spiderweb sweater”

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  1. The destroyed sweater. Flashes of tank top through its openings. Genius! It’s like a men’s version of a lace dress.

  2. @Audrey Gannon, I wore this whole outfit actually =D
    This is the blog/Lookbook version of it. Thanks for the comment.
    come say hi next time =D

  3. The sweater is major. I fell in love in such knits when Rodarte presented their preview of menswear collection, truly good.
    I like your boots, are those wedges or I am not precise enough? I’d love to buy black suede wedges but it’s impossible for size US11 xD

    I just have to say that: I dislike the scarf, I see the contrast between its smothness and how rough and edgy the rest of the outfit is, but to warm up, I’d rather wear some heavy or leather west or jacket.

    Keep on doing a great job.

  4. @Ck,

    I love the roughness of the sweater contrasting with the flow-y/drape-y scarf.

    I don’t own any nice leather jacket to go with this look. I don’t think my leather bomber jacket would go well with the wedges… I do think the scarf is edgy and still part of the whole outfit… I love how it almost looked like a cape — and how it moves when I move.


  5. What are you wearing on your feet? They are lovely 🙂 Can I marry you? Is that allowed in Vancouver?

  6. This is the best sweater deconstruct I’ve seen! If you ever feel like doing another one, perhaps you could write or film a tutorial? You certainly have an eye for the type of sweater, how to cut and where. Merci!

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