Snow Play

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It has been very cold lately and I haven’t been so inspired to put a look together until today. I find it challenging to play with different outfit on a freezing day considering I don’t own many winter clothes. We were down at negative 9 yesterday and my face were frozen. I couldn’t even talk properly anymore because my jaw was just so locked up.

Anyways, I finally find time to go up to our patio and take photos. It’s gorgeous up there with the snow slightly kissing the ground. I had a lot of fun shooting this look, not to mention the frozen feet and wet gloves afterward.

Outfit breakdown
micro-gingham shirt from Zara Man (as always), Cotton silk v-neck sweater, Zara girl velvet cord raspberry pants, gloves from H&M, Harringbone tweed blazer from Zara boys, the boots is borrowed from my roommate, and paisley tie.

I purchased this paisley tie from Ebay about 2 years ago but I haven’t really worn it yet. I know I already worn this sweater and pants combo for my other looks but lets just say this is my ‘winter’ take on this. The lining on this blazer is lovely, great little tartan surprise when the air flips it open (as you can you on the 2nd photo below), aside from that, it also has a leather elbow patch which I think made me buy this on an instant. It’s a great timeless piece, perfect for winter holiday.

6 thoughts on “Snow Play

  1. Hey guy, I have a request. please do a series on how to stay fashionable and warm without looking like a big mound of fabric.


  2. I really enjoy how you are pulling off these colorful pants.

  3. Look like u need to be acting in some happy Christmas romance flick

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