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I was invited to do a collaboration project with snaptee, a super cool mobile application that lets you create your own personalized t-shirt. The app is very easy to use, straight forward and it also comes with filters, frames, and all sorts of effects you can utilize in creating your masterpiece.

What I love about snaptee is its social aspect and with that, comes a sense of community. The app made sharing your creation fun and easy. Other users can follow your account, as well as like the designs you make, AND most of all, they can even purchase them. Snaptee print their T-shirts on certified 100% organic cotton which I appreciate a lot.

I was super excited to try out the app and I was very impressed with the result. I used a photo of a vintage Mick Jagger painting (which I took few months ago) as the base artwork for my t-shirt. I then edited it using the app, applied filters as well as cropped it in circle, and WALAHHH! you can see the result below.

and if you absolutely love my first ever snaptee-designed t-shirt, you may share/purchase it via here. You may also download the app here and try it out yourself.



Sunglasses from Ray-ban, t-shirt from Snaptee, Nixon watch, sweatpants – Zara kids, Faux leather jacket – H&M kids, converse sneakers





4 thoughts on “Snaptee x LittleFashionisto

  1. C’est trรจs beau comme toujours! Very Nice,
    Where are the socks from? It finishes the look perfectly ๐Ÿ˜‰
    J’attends la suite ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. anyone try maker workshop hong kong
    it also has custom tshirt printing service, with photo retouching service and custom design
    fast production & affordable

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