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All this for under $90

I have been eye-ing for a nice set of wooden hangers for a while now, and Winners is the cheapest and the smartest place to get them, but I had no luck because they don’t currently have hangers (at least the location I went too) so I suppose the only choice now would be HomeSense or maybe home Hardware.

Winners is a HUMONGOUS department store, they pretty much have everything you just need to DIG IN and browse for hours to be able to fine the “diamonds” in the rough. I did find few things that are worth spending your last drop of checking account for.

tie & belt organizer

Tie and Belt Organizer – Just because my old one is getting all busted and very disorganized. This is definitely a better option since the old one I have is just a big round hook.

Lanvin Apege

Lanvin Arpege Cologne and I’m not really into colognes but I thought this is a good investment, and it wasn’t bad for a Lanvin cologne to be under $30.

I have a feeling that this Tshirt is mean to be for an urban look, but I see potential in it, and I think I can wear it my way. I love the colors and silhouette of a gentleman wearing a top hat and tuxedo, I got it for $11

And a new hairspray. My old one is almost empty and I love doing my hair up (pompadour) so I thought I’d try another product, besides it’s only for $6 so its definitely worth it.

Overall, I thought it was a smart purchases, there’s lots of great things you can buy from WINNERS and they are all 40-90% OFF the original retail price. So shopping can be cheap, just always make sure YOU NEED what you are buying, because I hear a lot of complains about people buying things and they don’t even end up wearing/using… or they only wear it ones and that’s it.

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  1. I love winners too, Its a great place to get lot and come out with great things. When am looking for that one special outfit or dress for an occasion where I don’t want anyone looking like me, I stop by winner and one thing I love love about winners is their shoe section, you can always find me there. Great place to go gift shopping, even when you don’t know what to get at first.

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