Shopping can be fun.

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I’m off from work since yesterday… for some reason, i often get tues and wed off… so I was off yesterday as well and I spent the whole day pretty much at home. I was gona drop by at work to see Jonas and greet him Happy Birthday but since the weather was pretty shitty, (like literally pouring like crazy) i decided to stay home.

Today, the weather wasn’t as bad as yesterday so i figured, I should at least go out. I took care some banking stuff, bought new bathroom supplies, hair styling, etc.

I planned to purchase a SEWING MACHINE as well, heck yeh! i have lots of things to alter, and I thought learning it would be easy plus it would be super handy for me since my clothes always need to be altered. I’m pretty sure the infinite power of google search will bring me to some TUTORIAL site that can teach me everything i need to know about clothing alteration.

I got pretty pissed how some people, RANDOM people would look at/examine me from top-to-bottom, IT’S SO IRRITATING. I mean they can look, but not that very intimidating look. makes me think i have some dirt on my face, or like something got stuck on my teeth.

Anywayss… after banking, I went downtown… SEARS has the sewing machine i like so i went there to check it out, FOR SOME reason, i found myself browsing holt renfrew.

I haven’t really checked them out since they did a HUGE renovation, so literally, today was my first day seeing how the store looks like now.

I was pretty disappointed… it’s a huge store, but it’s not as fancy as a lot of people made it seemed like. I am in a hunt of FLORAL and PAISLEY printed shirts/ties/bow ties — instead I managed to dig in some very adorable stuff.

I didn’t fit into any of their jeans, so as dress shirts — but accessories are always the SAFE buy. So i ended up purchasing a couple of them. They are very CHIC for fall.

I LOOOVEEEEe ETRO collection this fall, so I am putting Kean Etro on my *top designer* list. His collection is just out of this world — BOLD PRINT, PAISLEY, FLORAL, VEGGIES, JEWEL and EARTH tone, bright and FUN colors. I am very impress how he puts PRINTS, patterns, & texture all together… it’s amazing how all different patterns can collide and create such lovely masterpiece — yeah almost like a magnificent painting. click click

So this is pretty much my inspiration for this FALL/WINTER, I can’t buy his clothing because they just dont come in my size, and another reason, they cost way too much!

none the less, I’d still try to get the ETRO look with my own twist to it.

I visited GAP and tried on some of their clothing for fall, I WAS a lil disappointed from the lack of DRAMA on their FALL collection this year. It’s pretty much the same old stuff they get every year, but the guy i talked to said they havent received the complete collection yet, so hopefully there will be cute pieces to come soon.

Shopping is just TOO MUCH WORK, but I found few pieces so I’m happy.

This is a cute Floral bow tie, it’s got this super cool and fancy etro box… I was looking for paisley print too, but I couldn’t find one.

the first Fedora hat i own, everytime i try one on, I always end up looking like a kid, like elementary kid… but this one is awesome (i think)

Next one is a cute silk Floral scarf… it feels so soft and slippery on, and I love the print, PLUS, it reversible too… and here’s a plain purple V-neck sweater as well.

Lastly, these two ribbon belts. simple and plain — it can add a lil *umph* to an outfit.

after this whole accessories galore, I went straight to check out the sewing machine I planned to buy, I bought it and 2mins after, Roxanne called and told me she’s giving/selling me hers — and i had my jaw dropped for like 5 secs. I returned the machine *I’m sorry SEARS.

So that concludes my day off.

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  1. Heyyy,
    I have been trying to find that Etro bow tie forever since I saw it on gossip girl, But I have been looking for the one that is white with pink floral print.
    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy it?


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