Sailors come out at Night

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Another look I didn’t have time to take a photo of in the morning when there is still sun… so I had to take a photo of it at night — at the same location as my previous look — rooftop patio. I actually like the bokeh of the city in the background…

TRIVIA: there’s no menswear piece in this look (except my dad’s watch)
the pants, blazer, shoes, the scarf and the bag are all from womens dept.

the tshirt and belt are from kids. but then again, the ‘boyfriend’ trend made things a lot easier for me.

IT is not very noticeable but the pants a tiny lil stripped, same color as my scarf… they say NEVER COMBINE horizontal line and vertical lines together — I SAY NO to that… all you need is to have a drastic contrast and distinction (of color and sizes for the stripes) to make it look right.

3 thoughts on “Sailors come out at Night

  1. i am so going to copy this look. only from the best, i hope it’s ok. i won’t look as cool as you, but i have to give it a try:-) my husband just bought a shirt like this……i love the glasses as well.

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