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Nicole just got back from her 5-month-long trip to Europe, just a few days after I got back from Berlin. I don’t know about you but 5 months is definitely a looonnnnnggg time and some MAJOR, major catching up needs to be done. Although we were scheduled to see each other this weekend, I phoned her on Wednesday to accompany me and Amaly to 2 events we plan to attend to that night: Clough Club Launch in Gastown + espace d. home decor boutique opening in Yaletown.

We were complimented with drinks of our choice and salted deep-fried banana, which is by the way, super super good!. I had one of their signature drinks called the Apiary which left me a little tipsy on our way to the next event — espace d. boutique launch.

En route to the next stop for the night, Amaly helped us navigate to the event as the area is pretty much her domain. Unfortunately, she couldn’t join Nicole and I as she would have to take care of her dog, Bacon.

Nicole and I were catching up over sparkling champagne and odeurs while going around the room, rubbing cheeks with the other guests (Please refer to my previous blog post for full coverage of the event).

We exchanged stories about our own little adventure in Europe. I was too excited and have forgotten most of the stories I planed to tell. I believe she also had the same problem (this calls for a second catch up date!). We had a very good time regardless.

We left the event a little late. Nicole decided to stop by the nearest Starbucks on our way to the skytrain station.

We were taking photos outside Starbucks when an old man, who was just leaving the cafe started talking to us, and then also started taking photos with us.

In spite the very busy week, and still a bit of exhaustion from my recent trip, it was a very lovely evening and I had a lot of fun. I’m glad to be home, and it’s nice to reunite with friends — and familiar faces. I’m looking forward to the next one.