Raw Canvas

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I spent the other night with Amaly at Raw Canvas. It’s this amazing place with amazing food and beverages in the heart of Yaletown Vancouver — where one can also purchase a blank canvas and paint it right inside the restaurant. They have a spacious designated area where you can put on a heavily and artistically paint-stained robe and play Pablo Picasso or Michael Angelo, you can even be both.

You often see wires hidden but I like that they are exposed, serving as a decorating pieces.

The food and drinks were great. Their servers are dapper and undeniably good looking (yes call me shallow). The place is very inspiring in general, and so as the people that come and dine + paint there. I had a lot of fun and it’s good to go out with Amaly and just hang out outside work. It’s definitely on my ‘to-take-a-boy-on-a-date’ list. HAHA!