Proposals and Disappointment

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I woke up to a sweet email this morning. Another magazine interested in me?… i don’t know why, who’s crackhead would want my fat brown midget ass on their magazine? JUST KIDDING, when email like this comes to my inbox, it makes me very happy inside.

I received this email few months back, I sent out my photos but unfortunately, the resolutions we’re too small to be on a magazine print. I haven’t gotten back at them yet because I don’t have a camera to take a high resolution photos, the lady told me to give her a shout when my photos are ready, we’ll how that goes.

and this one is pretty recent, I did the interview, sent them the photos, but AGAIN, they were too small to be on a print Magz., I need a photographer with a super super high end camera to do a coloration shoot with me FOR FREE. Sorry, but I’m not paying a SINGLE penny =D

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