Please don’t take my sunshine away

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I shot this yesterday JUST right before the rain started pouring. If you look at the photo closely, you will see the rain drops a bit in the shot. It was a rather short shoot as the rain were becoming more vicious every second and I don’t want my camera to have any water damage or anything — can’t afford for that to happen and I’m very sicky anyways so rain + little miss me – umbrella = cold.

I have been very obsessed with this coat (oversized blazer) I recently purchased on sale at Zara Woman. Orignal ticketed prize at 179.90 down to 59.99 so it’s no brainer. Plus I don’ think I own a lot of forest green in my wardrobe so it’s a very good investment. It’s also light to be worn in Spring and heavy enough to use for layering in the winter.

I’m also wearing one of my most favorite shirt custom made for my size from the lovely people over at MadeTailorCustom. All my shirts are too big and I often just alter them myself but the arm hole will always be a problem. I’ve find a way to work around it but to still have a shirt that fits perfectly is awesome! The belt is from tie-ups Italy.

I love the high color contrast on the coat and the yellow sweater. I also adore the crisp collar on that oxford shirt. The patent leather bag has become a ‘instant’ chic statement. I could be wearing an overalls and this bag make the outfit looks cool.

It’s almost haircut time for me as my hair have grown so fast — it’s too heavy to tease and force it to form a pompadour now so it will be combed down and parted like that in the photo for a while, until I find time to pop by Toni&Guy to see Davis (my super cool and talented hairstylist).

Enjoy and Happy Saturday! kisses!

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