Play my Guitar

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So this is my take on styling the Pandamonium t-shirt from

I customized the plush blazer, and added the studs from my sis’ broken belt.

a little different from my usual style but I love it…

5 thoughts on “Play my Guitar

  1. The first picture. It’s the most manly I’ve seen you.

  2. @Long, ahhaa. i have manly-er photo from this shoot.. I shall be posting them tonight as the extended version. (did’nt hve time earlier today)

    I must admit, this isn’t normally I’m dressed now, but this is mainly me back in highschool. ahaha

  3. @admin, You mean you have pictures of you playing football, fixing cars and kissing girls? Can’t wait to see ’em. ^ ^ If this is how you dress in high school, then I don’t believe how people would bully you.

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