Palm Tress and Fake Summer

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I’m starting to fear that summer this year will be so late again, or even worst, it might not come at all. But that will not stop me from dressing up like I’m about to hit a beach party, or hop on a cruise for that summer escape of my life.

I had plans to shoot this look on a warm sunny day, by the beach, sunlight bursting in the background enough to give me that perfect lens flare — but the weather hasn’t allow me to do that yet — alas I decided to just shoot it indoor. I know it’s a shame but what a boy can do?

Shirt, Versace x H&M / Necklace, JohannaN / Blazer, H&M / Shoes, ASOS


I absolutely love this Palm Tree shirt but I didn’t get to line up for it when H&M launched their collaboration with Versace.  Fortunately, I lucked out and still managed to acquire one — in size LARGE though. A little tucking in here in there did the trick for me.  With all the extra fabric, occasionally it can be worn as a tunic, or a (man) dress, SCORE!

I also recently received another piece from JohannaN (SKOG one), which I have to say, one of the most extravagant piece of jewelry I own so far.  Golden birds and branches, it perfectly matches the shirt.

Now if you may excuse me, I will be praying for more sun this week and hopefully I can do more summer blog post.