Ohhh’ PRY for dansk Magazine

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Have you seen the latest issue of dansk magazine? My all time favorite male model, Sean O’pry, is on the cover with an editorial spread entitled Ohhh’pry, shot by the super talented photographer Michael Schwartz with the creative direction of Uffe Buchard.

I have seen many covers and editorials of Sean O but I didn’t see this one coming. Maybe because I think he’s too pretty and polished for Givenchy. But all that preconception aside, I think he looks stunning and he did do Givenchy justice in this editorial.

The braided hair and the nose ring is enough to give him a rough-and-tough-edgy look, which comes to mind every time I think of Givenchy.

Now if you may excuse me, I’m off to find the biggest star earring to rock this fall. (wait for it, I’m not kidding!)


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