Oh my Jesus

- Style

Months back, I was contacted to be part of a creative-collaboration (you can read my previous entry about it here). I was very ecstatic because I haven’t really done such thing before. I thought the concept was interesting and I wanted to take on the challenge; it was to style 13 models with a wide range of different personal styles using each of their own garments. It was overwhelming, and the process was very tedious. Unlike how I do my shoots, I have my concept, I do the hair and makeup (well sort of) then the styling, lighting, then off I go — then onto the editing, then viollaaaahh! that’s how you see a new entry on my blog, but for this shoot — I only get to wear one hat, and that was to be JUST the stylist. I guess the only tough part about my job was to make sure we get a cohesive theme in terms of the garment choices, and since I pull them out of the models closet, it was a bit of challenge.

I also remember loosing my wallet during this shoot. Being the usual diva picky person that I am, I wanted my Apple Juice but I guess we didn’t have it on the food table, so I had to go down and grab some from outside. The studio wasn’t necessarily in the very friendly neighborhood of Vancouver, and I was wearing a JNBY coat with a very shallow pocket. As I was getting closer to the counter, I couldn’t feel my wallet anymore. I might have dropped it, someone might have picked it from my wallet — who knows, but that was devastating, but then again, WHAT’s NEW? i lost my mens clutch too just last year during the Vancouver Olympics, with my phone in it, some government cards, credit card, etc. — my friends wasn’t too surprised.

Back to the shoot. After few months, the photos have arrived, finally the dreadful editing is done. We did the shoot section by section. There were four divisions in that long table, then later composite into one photo. Interesting huh? It was shot by local Photographers Kat (Catherine McLaren) and Mause (Eugene Lin) from Kiss my Flash who are also responsible for getting me on board with this collab.