I’m on Nylon Korea

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Here’s my recent feature on NYLON Korea. Please check it out, and if you happen to be living in Korea, don’t forget to grab a copy — and an extra copy for me too. Pretty Please?

Thanks to Serian Heu and the rest of Nylon Korea Staff

3 thoughts on “I’m on Nylon Korea

  1. Hey babe,

    My friend did a quick translation of your blurb. Here you go~ Enjoy! It sounds fabulous, you’re bound to gain some fans from fashion’s new Asian capital.

    “Call me ‘mini me’ of the fashion industry” said McK and the staff burst into laughter. The reason he calls himself mini me is because he wears XXS, every girl’s fear, and shoe sized 220, that even Cinderella cant wear. (He is 100% male). Don’t look down because he’s short. This young and energetic man is well known for his blog that has better pictures than many other magazines. Although he usually wears womens clothes most of the time because he cant find his size, he has better style than most men. Mck’s style is great because it has no limits, dandy to funky, everything. Passionate, daring and courageous(likes challenging??) his small size is giving the editor(of the magazine) courage too, so fighting!!

  2. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You’re in one of my favorite magazines. ^ ^

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