Knits on Sale

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It’s mid-august and I am buying knits like crazy. Summer this year is a bit disappointing. I haven’t even really worn half of the clothes I planed to wear this summer and fall is already on its way. However, these fall pieces are on crazy good sale. They are from ‘last season’ but for basic pieces like these ones, I don’t think it matters, I absolutely think it’s a very smart buy.

If you are in search for great deals, it would be a great idea to come out now and check out your favorite shops. Change of season is always the best time to go shopping and find great deals, or at least that’s how it works in my city.

I have been eye-ing on these pieces the moment it hit the sales floor, however, there were not really in my “I have to have it RIGHT NOW! category, they were more like in my “If it’s still here when markdown/sale comes, then I’d buy it” category. Grouping my desired items helps me avoid impulsive shopping and I tell you, if you’re a starving student starting your career and still want to look fairly fashionable, this trick goes a long way.

PS: Sorry for the lack of blog post lately, I’m in a bit of transition and I’ve got lots of great stories to tell.