My travelling must haves

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After my recent travel to Berlin and now to Toronto, I realized that these babies are always with me, and I will try to have them (or sort of the similar template) in my future travels.

  1. Hat – I usually keep my ‘it’ hat at the moment in my bag, just when my hair gets too crazy and messy on the plain — or when it’s windy outside.. you never really know when the unexpected happens.
  2. Scarf – When jumping from one location to another, weather can vary and I always play safe by packing a scarf. I often find myself freezing after waking up from a nap while on a moving plane, or just when coming out of the plane. Scarves are also very easy to wear, pick the ones that can go with almost all of your outfit — like a classic Burberry checked.
  3. Weekender Bag/Carry All – This is a little funny because most carry-all bags can look like a luggage on me, but I like how if fits all your mambo-jumbo, just about anything you want to take with you on the plane. It’s also big enough to fit my laptop, which saves me from carrying my generic canvas laptop bag from incase.
  4. iPhone – I love the google-map feature on the iPhone, although, to this day, I still screw up following it, it’s undeniably a helpful application. I also use it to listen to music, send text messages, tweet, instagram, world time — the things you can do with it is endless.
  5. Notebook – If you’re a blogger, you probably know this. I often get notebooks and journals included in swag bags I get from various events that I go to. I can’t remember how many I’ve gotten already but it’s definitely more than five. I usually jot down importating things in my notebook — because trust me, iPhone notes have failed me several times already when it died and I wished I’ve written the information down on my notebook.
  6. Coffee – Not all the time, but often I find myself sipping a cup of coffee and eating Madeline French cakes while waiting to board my plane. Not necessarily to keep me awake, but more so I just like the taste. I’ve gotten used to drinking it everyday that not having it for one day is a bit unusual.

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