Military meets Aviator. DIY tshirt.

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so i spent my whole night gluing and sewing this tshirt together.

since the whole military jacket is so in trend, I created a lighter version of it.

I love how they fit me, being 5’2 and 85lbs… it’s almost impossible sometimes to find clothing.

i bought buttons and used golden necklace to customize the Tshirt and put my own flavor into it. They are detachable, I use safety pins to hold the chain and buttons onto the tshirt.

I love wearing meggings/long underwear, they are the most comfortable thing to wear specially on a rainy Vancouver. They are super versatile and you can do so many different looks with them.

the watch is borrowed from dad, I love how it fits so loose on me that it looks more like a bangles than a watch.

since my feet are size 5, and i can’t fit into any men’s shoes anywhere, the boots was meant to be for ladies, but i thought they were manly-looking enough for me to pull off.

I love how the layering were so unnecessary but it still gives a great effect.

what do you think?

– LittleFashionisto

7 thoughts on “Military meets Aviator. DIY tshirt.

  1. You’re a genius. I love the fact that it’s hard to find clothes your size and the way you work around these constraints.

  2. Great outfit, love the leggings – can I ask you who makes those boots?? I’ve been looking for combat-style boots with ankle straps for ever!

  3. where did you get your boots? i have a pair in distressed leather but without the straps and buckles. i have the exact same problem as you. i’m 5’5 and 98 lbs-finding rtw clothing for cheap is always so difficult!

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