Mavi Jeans collab sneak peek

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I recently got invited to style Mavi Jeans‘ Holiday Window display for their west 4th location. Their team was very helpful and I was given complete freedom to dress four of their manikins.

Walking into the store, I was completely overwhelmed as the brand’s aesthetic is slightly more laid back than my own personal style. Like anything else that’s thrown my way, I took as a challenge and I was very happy with the outcome.

Thanks to Eryne for entrusting me to style their manikins for their holiday window display. I also thank Soroush, Britney, Arsh, and Naomi for their amazing help. We all know I can’t be lifting and changing those ‘life size’ manikins on my own.

So that’s it, your little sneak peek to my collaboration with Mavi. Head to their 2112 West 4th Avenue location and check out their window display, and while you’re at it, come in and check out what they have in store for you.

I will be posting the final finished window very shortly where I will be discussing how I went about it and what sort of concept I had in mind while picking the pieces for the outfit.

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