Lost and Found

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Every winter I have this constant battle of warmth and comfort vs. wearing whatever I desire. I often skip wearing outerwear because frankly, I don’t own a lot of them. And the ones I own, never fit quite right. I always feel like a double-wrapped sausage when I wear thick layered clothes, and I hate how my arms are somewhat restricted when I’m all layered up.


I have forgotten I purchased this wool pea coat 2 years ago. Maybe I’ve worn it twice, or three times but it was shoved at the very back of my closet, and never saw the light of the day until I decided to do a New Years closet cleaning. I’m happy that it’s in great condition. There is a zip outline on the lining, suggesting there might have been another layer to it I can zip back up, but I forgot what it is and where it is. Considering I thought this coat is gone, finding it was still a major score.

Although it’s not your Burberry pea coat, it’s still a classic pea coat and it never goes out of fashion. At least I think so.



I love the patterned lining on this coat although it’s hidden most of the time. The leather baseball hat below is one of my recent vintage finds. I adore how wrinkled and soft the leather have become while its front brim is hard and sturdy.



Lastly, I got this pair of socks in the beginning of fall last year. I just never had the chance to wear it until yesterday. If you can’t tell from the photo, it’s nautical with cute little sail boats all over.

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