Lookbook: Selected Guys of January 2011

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Yours truly made it to Lookbook’s Selected Guys once again. Thank you so much for all your support and HYPES.

Remember when I did Leopard tie and people went a little crazy over it. Although I was made fun of for buying it, I knew I can make it work.

Being a smart buyer, I got them on sale. I held myself back from buying it for full prize because I know for a fact — these kind of pieces won’t sell in Vancouver, it’s just something you won’t see dangling on a guy’s neck walking down at Robson Street. So I waited for it to go on sale — and go on super sale, then finally bought it.

I find it very interesting that people thought the “lens flare” that hit my knee is a knee patch.

2 thoughts on “Lookbook: Selected Guys of January 2011

  1. congrats mcken =]
    thanks for the bday wish again.
    hope all is well.

    p.s dont lose my precious =]
    <3 hogie.

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