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Forget earth, wind, water and fire; Art, Design, Fashion and Music are the elements that are consumed and embraced in our everyday
lives. Launching this fall, online lifestyle boutique, A.D.F.M gives the world an opportunity to explore all facets of Art, Design, Fashion
and Music at its one-stop shop,

A.D.F.M curates collections of goods from clothing and accessories to home d├ęcor, art, music and more, appreciating the passion of
the creative, and celebrating the personal voice of every unique individual.

A.D.F.M. has a team of industry-working stylists who will personally help revamp your entire wardrobe or just give you ideas and suggestions in picking that perfect outfit for any occasions. I am greatly honored to be part of A.D.F.M.’s style team together with Deanna Palkowski
(, alongside with fashion blogger/ star, Ivy Xu (

Just to give you an idea what A.D.F.M. has in store, I’ve compiled my very own littleFashionisto wishlist below, featuring few of my favorite items you will find in .

Remix Shirt by Lifetime / $79.99
KITTICH JEANS by Orisue / $ 85.00
X-RAYS designed by TIMBA SMITS by Colab / $ 268.00
BAILEY in BLACK LEATHER by Clae / $ 115.00
LITTLE AMERICA in BLACK 20oz CANVAS by Herschel / $ 140.00
CUT & PASTE by Laurence King / $ 29.95

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  1. this is the translation:

    “I think he’s a genius: kenneth M’c Licon. I can imagine it as a mini character who jumps everywhere. I study your site, Littlefashionisto, I look at his appearance, from the one with the mother’s pajama pants to the shirt put on the other hand, until I find the video section. I think I fell off the chair (do not know why I think I passed out). Look around the fifth minute and a half of one of his videos. Random jumps for a few seconds. This is really fashion.”bye!lobster

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