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Robert of Basicamente recently featured me on his blog.

You know those days when you wake up without some creativity, you open the wardrobe and nothing, absolutely nothing like it, then you visit a blog, and is inspired to run mount that outfit through ctrl + c ctrl + v? That’s exactly what happened to me when I discovered the blog Little fashionisto, where the Philippine M’c kenneth Pontanilla Licona of 21 years put their elaborad√≠ssimos looks everyday.
For him, blogging works as a therapy. Little fashionisto is his alter-ego, and aims to be a source of inspiration for many people. According to him, his manner of dress is an extension of who he is, because it reflects their way of living happy and excited, besides being a reminder that fashion has no boundaries and there are always ways to solve their flaws and insecurities.
If the girls followed in the footsteps of bloggers like Betty Autier and Cris War in time to dress, the M’c kenneth’s great courage and reference model, to leave no child inspired and full of fancy ideas to parade around with a lot of personality nor that of the blogger.
UPDATE: I do not know how, but the Little fashionisto discovered the blog and talked to me on Twitter (here and here). I found it cute.

The entry was translated straight from Portuguese to English by GoogleTranslate — It might not be the proper translation but it’s clear enough to make sense.

Thank you! I’m absolutely humbled by this feedback/review from a fellow fashion blogger, and I am very thankful and honored to be an inspiration to many.

hey guy, you are an inspiration to me and the Brazilian boys!