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Every once in a while, whenever I have time and when I get off work early, I like to go walk around the city, check out cafes, little food stand, tiny eatery that I’ve never been before. Vancouver is a great city full of characters. I have lived here for almost 7 years now and yet I’m still surprised of how many places and spots I haven’t been. Maybe because I’ve only started discovering the city recently but even Nicole who was born here still hasn’t fully explored the city.

Here are some photos taken while we’re catching up with our fashion chats on a summer days (which is about to be over pretty soon, sad i know)

I was wearing my Dad’s ultra-oversized vintage Ralph Lauren polo shirt. It’s hilarious how gigantic it is on me… (not to mention my dad is almost the same height as me… but yah know, I don’t think we reviewed “proper fitting” together).. He hasn’t been wearing it for ages, and I love that the collar is narrow and skinny, so it would still look good if you hide all those extra fabric under a blazer. Now I know it is horrible and I’m not saying that guys should be going around wearing super baggy dress shirt — but in this case, I paired it up with a slim-high-waist-pleated trousers which created balance.

FUNNY STORY about this BROOCH.  This came from a wool long coat but some costumer (very masculine dude) didn’t want it on the coat, so he took them off when buying it.  My manager however kept it and gave it to me, which is very sweet i think.  He knows I like tiny little presents like these.  Honestly though, I considered buying the wool coat even if it was too big just so I can have this brooch (i know i’m silly like that)

and this is my lovely friend Nicole, who i run to when i have rants about people’s fashion faux-paus or when I wanna talk Fashion and i need someone to listen OR when i just want a photo of me taken, but seriously — Nicole is one of my super good friend, you know, those friend you want to keep forever — even after you get fat, have a baby, have a family (I’m just throwing random things there now).

Look at all THESE goodies… crazy! If i were to wear all of these, and I happen to loose one, I probably wouldn’t even notice (but then again, that’s just me)

and these gorgeous ruffled shorts — I told her I’d love to barrow this one day (that was half-meant. lol)

And the we managed to snatched some random couple on the street to take our photos. I just wish my hair doesn’t look as flat and dead — but then again, it’s good to change it up a little bit every once in a while.

But then we wanted more photos so I decided to do my self-photography trick and whipped out my phone and made it into a small platform/tripod.

Sorry for the late update, I’ve been crazy busy lately and I’m supposed to be all packed ready to move today but I haven’t done anything. I’m still working on a video lookbook of this outfit, it’s gotten pretty HYPED @ — you guys should check it out!

5 thoughts on “Like tourists.

  1. oh my god, you guys are too cute! awesome photos, I love it 🙂
    both you and nicole have such great style so I can see why you two get along so well.
    great outfit, I love the altered trousers and oversized shirt, esp the story on that brooch!
    and nicole looks lovely as always. I don’t blame you for wanting to borrow her shorts haha, love her jacket and accessories too!

  2. Wow you guys look like you had so much fun! I love that surprised expression you made in one of the pictures. If Vancouver has a zillion litte shops, imagine New York? I’d really love to visit NY, that be rad.

    Lovely pictures, like always 😀

  3. @Ricardo G., P.S New look! lol :]

    I haven’t been fanning people, but I think I might start soon. You’re in my list dear!

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