Life on the Go

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I purchased my first ever NIKE trainers last summer and I can not stop wearing them! It’s the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and it works with almost every outfit I put on.

The past couple of months has definitely been one of the busiest I’ve had so far this year. My life has been a series of side projects, one after the other, alongside a full time job, all while trying to keep my blog relevant and updated. I’ve also started riding my bike more so I thought it’s the perfect time to jump into the fashionable-runners or sneakers for that matter.

I still love my dress shoes, oxfords and my slip-ons, but sneakers/runners allow me to be on-the-go comfortably, specially on a busy and rainy winter days in Vancouver.

One thought on “Life on the Go

  1. I really need to get myself a pair of nice looking sneakers for spring, just have to survive the Swedish winter first though. Overall a very nice look, loving the sunnies as well!
    Cheers xx

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