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I have to admit, this has been in the process for awhile now, and I’m very glad it’s finally here. I tend to be very critical about every project I do, more so if it’s for my own personal brand. For my business card, I wanted it to be very simple. As per usual, my basic black and white, featuring a new typeface as well as utilizing a new brand element I’ve introduced recently (my blog’s initial “LF”), you might have seen it on my avatars on both instagram and facebook.

I have some left over materials from my latest ‘clear clutch’ DIY project (worn on my previous post here), so I thought I’d make this cute little clear business card holder. After all, trend seem to favor a lot of transparencies lately. Not to mention, I like how you can see the card (and its content) without opening the holder.







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  1. Hmmm very nice. Simple but also Elegant. I was thinking of ordering from Moo myself. Love how you can have a varied set of images on the back of the cards within a set. It makes it easier since I wouldn’t be able to decide which visual image to go with anyway. Nice choice though.

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