let’s play Prada

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I love the fact that although, this was not entirely my styling, it somehow still has that littleFashionisto mark by having the flying scarf, mysterious in a way by having my face entirely covered.

I was all packed to move back home, and I was just waiting for the truck to pick up boxes after boxes of my clothes, when my roommate decided to put me on her dress, and with no surprise, I agreed. I guess we got into the whole styling mode and she started slipping on bangles and rings on me too. Then next thing I know I’m already working her heels. I had to admit, it was madness, I guess it’s expected when you room a hair/makeup stylist, a stylist, and a littleFashionisto in one loft. It was a nice and sunny day outside, so we went up to the rooftop patio (where I usually take my photos) and started taking photos. We were roommates for about 10 months and we’ve never really gotten crazy like that.

I had to throw on the (Prada inspired) scarf I recently got and the color story ended up being a slight reminiscent of Prada Spring/Summer 2011 (womenswear). I know this will be a slightly controversial blog entry because of the fact that I am on a dress and heels — this was meant to be all for fun, and I don’t go out like this so no worries fellow fashionito’s, menswear is still in my blood.

Damn it! I hate you, my dress looks so much better on you

— April, my roomate

3 thoughts on “let’s play Prada

  1. But you should go out like this sometimes, because you look great – it is a look that really suits you.

  2. Hey MC, I have to say you are soo great. I randomly came across one of your looks on a google image search, you introduced me to lookbook. You are so unique, yet versatile and practical. I love your effortless way of coordinating and recycling clothes. I can’t wait to see you get really successful, because you are on your way. xo from Seattle.

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