Lanvin Fall/Winter 2010

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Lanvin Paris, to me, has become one of the most memorable and inspirational fashion line at this moment. They have consistently shown that they deserve the top spot season after season.

The best thing I like about Lanvin is the surprise element that they put into every collection; they constantly come up with something fresh and they build on that. Each collection is completely different from the previous one.

They tend to always take me away and bring me to a foreign place with their creativity and imagination.

This season, they seem to have taken on “space-galactica” ala Matrix/Startrek/StarWars all smashed into one. Above is my top 6 looks arranged from Day wear, to a fabulous night out.

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  1. Hi there — we saw some of your work on modelmayhem. We would like to maybe use some of your street-style shots for renderings in an architecture competition. Shoot me an email and let me know if you are interested. Publication possible.

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