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Thursday, Aug 9th, I head out to the Vancouver Convention Centre to check out KNOWKNOW, Canada’s Premier lifestyle trade show.
Every season, KNOWSHOW selects only the best amongst Canada’s lifestyle, fashion and action sports retailers and brands. As per usual, the selection is precise and very well curated.

Many exciting brands are added every season, which keep me from coming back. The venue was packed with booths and amazing installments but there were very little time to go to each and every one of them. However, I managed to sneak into the ones that caught my eyes.

Who doesn’t know INCASE nowadays, not only they’ve expanded their line of bags and electronic cases, but do you know that they’ve also done collaboration with iconic artists such as Andy Warhol and Ryan McGinness?

Contego is a new eye wear line from Brooklyn New york, offering a wide variety of frames from classic to edgy. One thing I like about this line is the fact that for every pair of eyewear they sell, they donate a pair to the less fortunate.

On their very first year at KNOWSHOW, FARMFRESH is a new accessory line from Saskatchewan focusing on authentic Canadian heritage and craftsmanship. The line carries leather bags, eyewear and soon to carry timepieces as well.

I am a big fan and supporter of what F as in Frank are doing. I like that they have a whole creative team that come up with new patterns and cuts, but instead of using new fabrics, they use old and used materials, sometimes scrap materials that are close to piling up in a land-field somewhere.

.. and it’s always a bonus when you run into your friends at events like these. Say Hello to Malania and the girls from DelaCruz PR – and the lovely Nicole of Lemodedujour