JULIAANDBEN A/W12 – Berlin Fashion Week

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The first show I went to see during the Berlin Fashion Week is a studio presentation by JULIAANDBEN. The collection is rich with heavy knits, asymmetric layering and a splash of rusty undertones complimented with leather pieces. I love the dark mood portrayed by the grungy prints of what seemed to be a decaying metal. The tailored coats and the cropped sleeves blazer were both an absolute winners in my book. Jacket made of mix of leather, knits

Overall, Julia (of JULIAANDBEN) put out an amazing collection full of strong pieces that are practical and wearable without compromising style and comfort. Who doesn’t want to be bundled up in cozy knits, edgy wool coats, and intelligently pieced leather jacket? I know I do.

The Presentation was packed and we all know how tiny I am to be easily drowned by massive pool of people. I hope you enjoy the images above as I literally had to crawl my way to get them taken. Also, below is a short clip of the presentation courtesy of IMG, official sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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  1. ha, fabulous! great images, sweets …looking forward to your other MBFWB coverages … as I’m getting mine up slowly too! x

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