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We all know Galliano put on a great show every season.. this time, it was a whole new level of fantasy, uniqueness, edginess, and strength.

Every look are dead on strong and very well done. I LOVE how the styling was done. Very messy yet well put together, very different YET directional… very busy but it works, typical John Galliano…

and I can’t help but do a poor and amateur look from this collection — don’t worry, it will not be worn outside.


The make-up was done in Photoshop (obviously) *eyeliners aren’t very friendly*

FROM HEAD TO TOE: floral scarf, blue stripped tie, light blue shirt, and recycled rope are used for the turban. Oversized buttoned laced up long sleeved tshirt, forest green shirt, purple scarf, brown leather belt, yellow fat tie, GAP stripped shirt worn as shorts.

2 thoughts on “John Galliano s/s10

  1. wowzah! amazing!! you definitely pulled it off!! Dressing Galliano on a budget! awesome!

  2. I love your rendition!
    The collection looks very Johnny Depp / Urban Jack Sparrow inspired.

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