Jacqueline Conoir

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Jacqueline Conoir, a premier Canadian brand is proud to present its new 9000 square foot flagship boutique studio situated off the main retail strip at 164 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver.

I am privileged to have been a part of such wonderful gathering. The newly opened studio is bright, spacious and very welcoming. The lighting is fantastic, the video wall and art installation are probably my favorite additions. It’s as if an art gallery and a boutique were merge into a lounge where a friend or two can share a martini while browsing through merchandise.

Personally, I absolutely love the concept. Nowadays when shopping has become a big escape from our hectic work days, the idea of providing clients with a really good space, not only to shop — but also to relax and feel comfortable, is absolutely brilliant. The space will soon host the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show launch of Jacqueline Conoir and JAC (and will also be a venue available for booking custom events).

Jacqueline Conoir has built a firm reputation as one of Vancouver’s most celebrated brand, continuing to showcase clothing inspired by everyday women; strong, feminine, with slight hint of glamor, together with the recently launched JAC collection, which caters to a fun, edgier and younger demographic.

Below are photos and a compilation of videos I took during the event. My only regret is not taking more photos. Enjoy!.

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