J.Crew store tour with Tom Mora & Frank Muytjens

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It has been the talk of town for quite some time now, the iconic American retailer, J.Crew, to open it’s first location in BC. It wasn’t too long ago when the news was confirmed and fast forward to today — J.crew’s Vancouver location is set and ready to open it’s doors.

Just this morning, Tom Mora (head of women’s design) and Frank Muytjens (head of men’s design) hosted an intimate and personal store tour to select local bloggers. Tom and Frank were warm and very welcoming, needless to mention, both looked amazingly well dressed with ease. Both sporting double buttoned blazer, slim fitted pants, button-down shirt, narrow tie and pocket square finishing the look with Wingtip shoes (full brogues) exposing a bit of ankle. It was a great pleasure hearing about the brand first hand from the two people who know it from ground up.

The first floor is entirely dedicated to the ladies while a good half of the second floor is for men. J.Crew Vancouver is the first and only location in Canada that carries Menswear.

J.Crew, in collaboration with TIMEX, created an exclusive collection of unique timepieces, including stainless steel watch with interchangeable straps.

Thanks to the beautiful Kelsey Dundon of The Anthonlogy for taking my photo with Tom and Frank. I also had an amazing time with fellow bloggers, Erica Lam of StyleSpy.com and Victoria Potter of DemiCouture.ca.

Located in 1088 Robson Street, Vancouver’s busiest shopping destination, the store officially opens to public on Wednesday morning, April 24th. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the store opening party which will be held tonight so stay tuned.


The opening event had an amazing turn out. The store was packed even I had a tough time navigating myself through crowd.
Below is small video clip I’ve put together. Enjoy.

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