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I was walking home the other day — and ran into a guy — in his late 20s or early 30s — who bluntly said “YOU’RE A FREAK” right into my face.

now that didn’t hit me till I was about 3 steps away from him. I realized that was meant for me, I didn’t take it, I walked away knowing that when I am in his age — I will be smarter and wiser.

I know the anti-bullying awareness day was just so recent, but bullying is around us everyday, PLEASE always be reminded that NO ONE, ever deserves to be put down, and feel left out and alone just because they are different.

Bullying is something not too foreign to me. I’ve always faced it, even up to these days — it just upsets me THAT until now, at my age, people can be very immature and unclassy and just pure insensitive.

It put me to tears hearing stories about teenage kids killing themselves because of bullying.

What does this LB entry have to do with anti-bullying you may ask? Nothing in particular; being a victim of bullying, I just want to spread the words — through something I am passionate about, because that’s where you’ll find my heart.

Let’s all come together and help prevent this from happening. If you see someone getting pushed around, alone, and bullied — please help them out — it could be your kids years from now, or it could’ve been your parents years ago…

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  1. You shouldn’t rush to conclusions and let him finish. He meant to say, “You’re a freak-ing hot guy! Let’s have coffee.” But since you walked away so quickly, he’s probably crying into his pillows right now!

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