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As many of you (my dear readers) have noticed due to my excessive twitter updates and FourSquare check-ins, I have finished school and now currently doing my internship. It has been such a great experience so far being part of Ion Design + Branding, my first choice of company to intern for. I find the transition from classroom to actual real world environment to be smooth and easy, thanks to my host and the people I work with for making the environment welcoming and less intimidating for interns like myself.

I have been juggling Family + Work + Intern + Social Life + Blogging(Features & Interview) and I must say, as exhausting and draining as it is, I’m trying to keep everything in place. As expected, there are a lot of compromising, but I enjoy what I do and the accomplishments are very rewarding, more than enough to keep me going.

And since I don’t have much time to do my usual everyday Lookbook shoots anymore, here are some during-lunch-break-photobooth-shots taken at my intern corner at work. You wouldn’t think I will just forget about updating you guys with my everyday looks, would you?

  1. Monochromatic Gray with contrasting texture, knit & cotton-wool together
  2. Micro-grid polo-shirt / Tweed Herringbone blazer with Paisley pocket square
  3. Double-buttoned cardigan with Gray button-up shirt / can I just say too, that they need to make these gigantic sushi to be more
    edible without opening your mouth so widely.
  4. Bengal Stripe shirt with slanted-yellow cardigan
  5. Light Blue Golf Polo-shirt with Herringbone blazer, and polka dotted pocket square
  6. micro-gingham polo shirt, mustard cotton-silk sweater, polka dotted wool tie
  7. washed out denim shirt & the pompadour
  8. Band Sweatshirt, gingham shirt
  9. Retro patterned shirt with Emerald green cotton-silk sweater

7 thoughts on “Intern Report 1

  1. What’s Foursquare? I’ve got it on my phone and I’m just like o.O

  2. Do you take off your scarves when you get to work? I find myself not wanting to; but wearing it makes me self-concious as if I’m trying too hard. Frankly, I don’t find myself needing a scarf to stay warm, but wearing it makes me feel/look good. Do I just need to take some medications?

  3. Oops, I forgot. Look #8 is killer. The jacket is great. Look #1 looks high fashion but for some reason, I can’t ever pull off the giant anaconda scarf look.

  4. @Tom, Foursquare is just an app to stalk your friends/to be stalked — you sign in as you go to places, and if sign in often enough, you become the ‘mayor’ of that place — and I heard in the US you get perks for being a major for that particular establishment (free food, discounts etc.)

  5. @Long, It depends, that day my outerwear was way too heavy and warm to be worn on my desk, but I’d be freezing without the scarf.. so I kept it on. Occasionally, I’d put a nice cashmere scarf and lay my face on it while nursing my lack of sleep 😉

  6. LMFAO, I didn’t realize you were taking pics! I love it, you look ferocious, especially #3 with the giant dynamite roll. Work it!!

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